Welcome to Process Strategy Group

Process based approaches and Process Based Management are helping organizations improve and gain a competitive advantage. Our approaches and experience can help you be successful in your process efforts.

At Process Strategy Group, we are committed to helping organizations: 

Our comprehensive range of Assessment options allows you to assess your progress. Take our 10 minute Free PBM Quick Assessment or our Free PI Quick Assessment to get insight on where you are.

Our assessment process provides you with a full end-to-end approach including prescriptive action plans for addressing any gaps identified.  No other process assessment provides the depth of analysis and recommendations as our assessment!
  We have a straightforward proven approach to improving processes in any type of organization. We can help you through our improvement consulting or train your process teams through our e- learning courses.
  Our Assessment in combination with our PBM Roadmap offers your organization a jump start to implementing Process Based Management. View a 10 minute presentation on our PBM Assessment and Roadmap. 

The robust PBM Roadmap provides steps you can follow to get you to where you want to be. Our implementation consulting helps you utilize the Roadmap to move your organization forward.

Our E-learning courses provide an Introduction to PBM as well as what is needed to establish the Foundation for becoming process-based.
We have free resources (such as a 30 minute overview “Process as a Strategy”, our Monthly Newsletter and our “Process Perspectives” ) that will help you communicate process thinking in your organization.

We provide e-learning courses and implementation consulting to align your strategy and process efforts.
  We work with you at your pace.

We coach you along the journey.

The focus is helping you achieve your strategic objectives.