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  Process Strategy Group Background

The products and services we offer are based on decades of research and consulting with many organizations around the world.

For us, the journey started with process improvement and implementation projects with companies in the mid 1990's. Looking for other organizations experiencing the same types of process issues, we found research which had been underway at CAM-I ( a nonprofit research consortium) since 1992 (and published in the 1994 book, The Road to Excellence). In 1996, Pat and Jerry got involved in the 2nd phase of that research and began leading an interest group to develop an assessment of organizations implementing Process Based Management. After 5 case studies and input from over 20 companies involved in the collaborative research, Pat and Jerry co-wrote a book (with Dennis Daly and Bob McCarty) "Process Based Management: A Foundation for Business Excellence") published in 2007.

But there were still issues to be addressed and researched. In 2004, we formed a separate Program in CAM-I to lead a concentrated effort to address the question we kept hearing- " Ok, I understand why I need to become process based, but how do I get there?".  Four additional years of research and collaboration with another 20+ companies led to the development of an Implementation Roadmap to guide organizations along the journey, and an Assessment Framework to help organizations determine where they are, and how to move forward.

Along this journey, we have written numerous articles and frequently give presentations (see Resources). We will continue to write and present in this subject that we feel so passionate about. But our objective is to help organizations become process-based. 

Pat Dowdle and Jerry Stevens

 Pat Dowdle


Pat is a Process Strategist and Managing Director with the Process Strategy Group, which focuses on helping organizations assess their progress in becoming process-based, and then apply a Roadmap to make progress on that journey.  

He has over 30 years experience in Process Management and Improvement, Activity Based Management, Balanced Scorecard, Financial Systems, Training, Facilitation and Consulting.

Pat has facilitated over 150 workshops and process improvement sessions across most process areas and many industries. His expertise in facilitating these sessions and applying process improvement techniques has enabled his clients to achieve their objectives and improve their organizations.

Pat started his process journey as the Director of Activity Based Management (ABM) at GATX, a transportation and financial services company. As the ABM work expanded beyond functions, the focus moved to the cross-functional processes used to provide service to GATX’s customers, and his role evolved accordingly to the Director of Process Management.

Pat was the past Program Director and co-Founder of the CAM-I Process Based Management (PBM) Program for 8 years. The PBM program conducted collaborative research with members companies in the development of the PBM Assessment and Roadmap.. As part of that research, he co-authored” Implementing Process Based Management in Organizations” (published in 2009) and “Process Based Management-A Foundation for Business Excellence” (which was published in 2007). Pat is the co-author of numerous articles, publications, presentations and books (full list available at www.processstrategygroup.com/Resources.php) regarding the use of Process Based Management as a new management approach.

  Jerry Stevens

Jerry is a Process Strategist and Managing Director for
Process Strategy Group. He has over 30 years of experience in the fields of Process Management & Improvement, Information Technology, Training, Facilitation and Consulting.


Jerry has conducted over 200 workshops and process improvement sessions.  His expertise in process improvement, process management and facilitation has enabled clients to achieve significant results in minimal amount of time.


Jerry is instrumental in improving processes and performance with clients such as Xerox, GM Asset Management, GMAC Financial Services, FleetBoston Financial (now Bank of America), GATX, US Army, Frank Parsons Paper Company and SAS Institute along with many others.

Jerry is co-author of numerous articles, publications, presentations and books (full list available at www.processstrategygroup.com/Resources.php) regarding the use of Process Based Management as a new management approach.

Jerry is an international presenter and recognized expert speaker for Process Based Management.  He has presented and conducted workshops at various conferences such as the Vlerick 4th Business Process Innovation Conference in Brussels,  AICPA Cost Management Symposium, North Carolina Quality Conference, 7th Annual ISO 9000 conference and local ASQ meetings in the US, along with the Enterprise-wide Process Management and Forum for Business Excellence conferences in Canada.


As a former Account Manager at GTE Telephone Operations - World Headquarters, Jerry was instrumental in the development, implementation and integration of process management. CAM-I’s “The Road to Excellence – Becoming a Process-Centered Company” feature concepts and techniques that Jerry played a critical role in developing while at GTE.

Jerry was the past Program Director and founder of the Process Based Management Program at the Consortium for Advanced Management-International (CAM-I) for 8 years.  The PBM program conducted collaborative research with member companies in the development of the PBM Assessment and Roadmap.  Jerry led and published 5 Process Based Management case studies while at CAM-I.

Process Strategy Group  Alliances

 Spanyi International

Spanyi International Inc. (founded and led by Andrew Spanyi) specializes in facilitating operational performance improvement, customer-focused process change, and transformation. Their facilitative approach will appeal to those who believe that their organizations top team is ultimately responsible and accountable for both the strategic direction and the operational performance of the firm.

Andrew's contribution to process management is recognized internationally. He is the author of three books and over 30 articles. He has delivered presentations and workshops in more than 10 countries and has published articles in 10 magazines.

 Ascent Management

 Ascent Management (founded and led by Peter Westlund) provides strategic and business planning, business process management, leading and facilitating change projects, interim management, business performance improvement, and business and executive mentoring to the Australia and New Zealand market.

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