What are your Process Issues?

What issues or challenges are you encountering with your process efforts?

  We use this puzzle chart to show the key aspects of Process Based Management. Go to one of the areas below to explore the top issues we have seen and how to address them. If your issue is not listed contact us and we will provide insight on how to address it. 


                    Issue                 Approach to Issue
 Mindset and Culture
1. There is a group of us in the organization who understand the need to become process based. How do we get our executive team on board?   Engage the executive team in a Workshop on process thinking.
 2. We have process owners but they still act in a functional mindset, how do we get them tuned to process-thinking Target an Assessment at the Process owners to provide them feedback on how to move toward a process mindset
3. My organization is encountering roadblocks on the journey to become process based. What do we do? Many organizations try to "prescribe" without "diagnosing" their symptoms first, we recommend starting with an Assessment.
 4. How do we start down the path to becoming process based?  Begin with process improvements then evolve to Process Based Management.

End to End Processes

1. We are improving individual processes, but an improvement in one process is hurting other processes. How do we address this? Many improvement efforts are to narrowly focused and do not address the full end-to-end process. Read our approach on process improvement.
2. My organization manages individual processes and needs to manage all processes, how do we get started? The evolution to managing a portfolio of processes requires a process structure and mindset be in place, which includes managing the white space between processes. Assess where you are to determine where to focus.
3. We have process teams that are improving processes using different approaches and with different levels of support. Is this a problem? To be successful and sustain ongoing improvements there needs to be a "process for process improvement" that is used across the organization and along with a support structure. Take the Process Improvement Quick Assessment to see where you gaps are.

Initiative Integration

1) We have tried multiple initiatives (i.e. Lean, Six Sigma, 5S, TQM, ISO, BPM) focused on processes but can't make anything stick, what do we do? Typically we see initiatives implemented in isolation and compete for resources;  successful organizations know how to integrate their initiatives into an overall approach. Take the PBM Quick Assessment to gain insight into what you can do to make your approach stick.

Process Based Measures

1) I am on a process team, but I am still measured based on my individual performance and overall financial performance. What else should we be doing? Incentives and compensation should have a dimension based on process performance. Have your process team take the Targeted Process Improvement Quick Assessment to gain insight to what you should be doing.

Customer Expectations

1) Our customers think we are hard to do business with.  How do we change that perception?
You need to focus on your customer and your customers expectations. The PBM Quick Assessment provides insight into what needs to be in place to focus on your customer.

Need more information?

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