Quick Assessments

Process Strategy Group in collaboration with Stevens Group, Inc. has developed 2 FREE Quick Assessments to help organizations quickly determine where they are on their process journey.  Our Free Quick Assessments are:
  • Web-based,
  • User friendly,
  • Cost-effective,
  • Easy to administer,
  • Founded upon significant research
  • Provides you with a feedback report 
  • And even provides direction on how to close some of the biggest gaps
We have provided the table below for you to determine which Quick Assessment is right for you.  Use the Objective section to see if you have some or most of the conditions listed, this will indicate which assessment you should select.  Of course you can always take both assessments to get 2 different perspectives of your process efforts. 

Caution: Our Free Quick Assessments are designed to give feedback based on an individual’s answers to the questions; this may not reflect how the rest of the organization views your efforts.  We recommend starting with the Free Quick Assessment and then enlist 15-20 individuals from a cross-section of the organization to take our Targeted Assessment.

  Process Based Management (PBM) Quick Assessment Process Improvement (PI) Quick Assessment
 Description Our PBM Quick Assessment has been used by over 100 organizations to evaluate their progress in implementing a process mindset and overall management approach that focuses on managing a portfolio of processes. Our PI Quick Assessment will give you insights on how well process improvement concepts and mindset are deployed.
  • Process efforts incorporated into your Strategy
  • Process Teams and Owners
  • Integrated process efforts
  • Measures of process performance
  • Well documented processes
  • A well deployed process mindset
  • Process improvement is driven by Strategy
  • Process improvement teams
  • Training for process teams members
  • Communication on process improvements
  • Process measures
Link Free PBM Quick Assessment Free PI Quick Assessment
Category Descriptions

Strategy & Planning - Examines how your business strategy and Process Based Management (PBM) strategy integrate. Evaluates how the organization executes its plan for implementing and continuously improving PBM.

Governance - Examines the roles, responsibilities and structure in place to oversee the implementation and management of PBM.

Deployment & Integration - Examines the extent to which PBM deployment has been achieved, your approach for cross-process integration, alignment with improvement methodologies, and stakeholder involvement.

Evaluation - Examines how measures are designed and monitored to track the implementation of PBM. Evaluates PBM implementation against leading practices.

Process Knowledge Management - Examines the structure and practices for capturing and utilizing process knowledge.

Strategy & Focus - Examines how your process improvement efforts are initiated and the focus of your efforts.

Structure - Examines the structure(s) to support process improvement.

Training & Employee Involvement - Examines what training is done on process improvement and how employees are involved in improving processes.

Communication - Examines what and how communication occurs on process improvement.

Impact & Measurement - Examines the impact of process improvement projects and how processes are measured and reported.

Analysis  Critical Gaps - These identify where you have major impediments to success.

Moderate Gaps - These identify areas that need to be improved for long term sustainment.

Strengths - These are the areas that you are achieving success and need to continue your efforts.

Ad-hoc - These identify where your efforts are Ad-hoc and need improvements.

Partially Deployed - These identify areas that are partially deployed but can still use improvements.

Well Deployed - These are the areas that are well deployed and should be leveraged across the organization.



What users are saying about the Free PBM Quick Assessment!
  • "The feedback section was the most helpful in demonstrating to management where our biggest challenges are."
  • "The main categories include a cross-process integration and exhibit how PBM fits in the big picture."
  • "The Gap Analysis charts provided insight into where our strengths were and also where we needed improvement."
  • "Overall high level summary and insightful. Thanks."
  • "The Quick Assessment was just that - quick and easy!  It provided a snapshot of where our organization is at and where to focus our efforts"
  • "I would highly recommend this FREE assessment for anyone looking to implement process thinking in their organization."


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