Process Based Management Roadmap

Process Strategy Group's Roadmap is designed to help organizations move along the journey to becoming process-based. Our Roadmap is a comprehensive guide to implement PBM and provides details on every phase of making PBM successful in your organization.

As shown below, the Roadmap is organized around seven Stages and the six Pathways connecting them.  The Stages represent the major levels of PBM deployment.  The Pathways contain the series of detailed Steps an organization follows to advance to the next Stage.  Each Step provides the what, why, who and how of the actions prescribed, as well as the tools used and outputs generated.


The PSG Roadmap was developed based on 10+ years of research with over 30 companies, as well as our 15+ years of client experiences. The Roadmap includes over 100 steps with defined plans for moving from stage to stage.

Below are the first 3 Pathways an organization would utilize to deploy PBM along with the high level steps of each Pathway.  To view a one page summary document for each Pathway click on the Pathway name.


Pathway  High Level Steps

Our Roadmap can help jumpstart your PBM efforts and can be easily customized fit your environment. 

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