PSG Services

Our services are targeted at organizations that focus on their processes. This covers the spectrum from improving individual processes to organizations that are on the journey to becoming a process based organization.

Our services have been created through 15+ years of research, refinement and application across multiple industries (Telecommunications, Government, Aerospace, Energy, Services) and with many types of companies.

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  Our Assessment options provide the ability for organizations to assess their progress in becoming process-based.  Through the use of our extensive assessment criteria, along with a powerful feedback report and analysis, you can leverage action plans to move forward.

We provide different levels of assessments based on your needs and where your organization is at on the journey to becoming a process-based organization.

Executives need to understand the value of becoming process-based, and what it means to the organization. Our Executive Workshop begins to develop the process approach and engages the executives to understand what this means to the organization.

If you decide the organization will embrace a process approach, a roadmap will help you get to your target. We have developed a detailed roadmap of specific steps to jump start your implementation of Process Based Management. Our roadmap can help guide your efforts to ensure your success deploying and sustaining PBM in your organization.

Our E-Learning resources can help you develop your program . Our FREE 30-minute overview - Process as a Strategy is a great place to start. We have YouTube videos on various aspects of our services.

Many organizations are just starting to understand and improve their processes. We have developed an approach using facilitated workshops, which allows you to see results quickly, and build the support necessary to continue your process improvement efforts.